Classes Start July 8th  for Belmont and Every Saturday for Somerton Swimming. FIT Dog and Conditioning Level 1 Starts June 22nd, Level 4 Conditioning Starts June 29th.

CFVT Canine Frenzy Versatility Training: Your Premier Dog Training Resource in Bellaire, OH

Welcome to CFVT Canine Frenzy Versatility Training, the top destination for dog training near you in Bellaire, OH. We specialize in comprehensive K9 training that caters to the unique needs of every dog and owner. Our wide array of classes ensures that we have something for everyone, from basic obedience to advanced trick training and everything in between. At CFVT, we pride ourselves on fostering strong bonds between dogs and their owners, enhancing communication, and ensuring that every dog reaches its full potential.

Classes and Services

Service Dog Trainer

At CFVT, we specialize in training service dogs to assist individuals with disabilities. Our expert trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs the necessary skills to support their owners. Whether you need a guide dog, a hearing dog, or a service dog for mobility assistance, we tailor our training programs to meet your specific needs.

Areas of Expertise

We offer a variety of training classes that cover multiple areas of expertise:

  • Dog Training Near Me: Conveniently located in Bellaire, OH, our facility offers easy access for local residents seeking professional dog training services.
  • K9 Training: Our K9 training programs are designed to improve your dog’s obedience, agility, and overall behavior.
  • Obedience: Teaching dogs to respond to basic commands and behave appropriately in various situations.
  • Rally: Combining obedience and agility for a fun, competitive sport.
  • Canine Conditioning and FIT Dog: Improving your dog’s physical health and fitness through structured exercises.
  • Trick Training: Building confidence and strengthening the bond between you and your dog by teaching fun and useful tricks.
  • Water Therapy and Dock Dog: Helping dogs improve their swimming skills and participate in dock diving competitions.

Testing & Certificates

We offer certification programs that recognize your dog’s achievements:

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC): A certification program that rewards dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.
  • UKC’s SPOT Dog: A program that tests your dog’s basic manners and obedience.
  • Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD): Titles for trick training, from novice to champion levels.

Virtual Testing

Can’t make it to our facility? No problem! We offer virtual testing for our multi-class packages, allowing you to train and test your dog from the comfort of your home.

Multi-Class | $85.00

Our virtual multi-class package includes a different class each week: Rally, Canine Conditioning, FIT Dog, Trick, and Obedience. This 4-week class is designed to test your communication with your dog and discover what you both enjoy the most.

Novice Trick | $85.00

Trick training is a fantastic way to build your dog’s confidence, improve obedience, and provide mental and physical exercise. Our novice trick class is a 4-week program that prepares your dog for AKC Trick Dog titles and DMWYD titles. Advanced trick levels extend to 6 weeks, ensuring thorough training and mastery of skills.

Out in Public with Your Dog & CGCU | $125.00

This unique class takes your training to real-world environments. Each week, we meet at different public locations such as pet stores, department stores, and eateries. Your dog will learn to navigate these spaces without causing disruptions. By the end of this class, you and your dog will be confident and well-behaved in any public setting.

S.T.A.R Puppy Class | $125.00

Our S.T.A.R (Socialization Training Activity Responsible owner) Puppy Class is designed for puppies under 6 months. This 6-week class focuses on socialization, basic obedience, and the prevention of problem behaviors. Completing this class provides a strong foundation for your puppy’s future training and includes the option to test for the AKC STAR Puppy certification.

Basic Obedience & CGC | $125.00

Our basic obedience class is perfect for dogs over 6 months. This 6-week program teaches essential skills such as sit, down, heel, and more. We focus on enhancing the communication between you and your dog, making them a well-behaved member of your family. The class also includes the option to take the AKC CGC test.

Beginner Novice Obedience CGC or CGCA | $125.00

Building on the skills learned in basic obedience, this class focuses on advanced obedience skills such as recalls, longer sit stays, down stays, and sharpened heeling. This 6-week program prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) test and helps them excel in both public settings and show rings.

Novice Obedience & CGCA | $125.00

Following beginner novice obedience, this class continues to refine and perfect your dog’s obedience skills. Over 6 weeks, we work on fronts & finishes, recalls, and maintaining attention in various settings. The class includes the option to take the AKC CGCA test.

Advanced Obedience | $125.00

Our advanced obedience class is designed for dogs that have completed previous obedience training and are ready to tackle more challenging commands and behaviors. This class focuses on perfecting all skills and ensuring your dog is ready for any situation.

Dog Aggression Training | $80.00 per session

At CFVT, we understand the challenges of dealing with aggressive dogs. We offer specialized training sessions to address aggression issues, starting with a thorough assessment of your dog. Our goal is to rehabilitate aggressive behaviors and integrate your dog into group classes. This 4-session minimum program includes guidance for owners on how to establish themselves as the pack leader and understand their dog’s behavior.

Private Obedience or Rally | $80.00 per session

Our private dog training sessions offer personalized attention to both the dog and owner. These sessions focus on obedience, rally, and presentation skills, ensuring optimal performance in competitive arenas. With individualized instruction, your dog will master show routines with precision and confidence.

Private Dock and Swimming with Trainer | $65.00 per session

We offer private dock and swimming sessions where you can practice dock diving skills or simply enjoy swimming with your dog. Our expert trainers provide tailored instruction to enhance your dog’s swimming techniques and dock diving performance. New clients must complete an introduction session to familiarize themselves with the facility and rules.

Private Dock and Swimming | $45.00 per session

For those who prefer to train independently, we offer private dock and swimming sessions without a professional trainer. These sessions allow you to guide your dog through swimming exercises and dock diving practices, focusing on building confidence and refining techniques.

Group Walks | Free to the Public

CFVT is proud to be the first AKC FIT Dog Club in Barnesville and St. Clairsville, Ohio. We promote health and fitness for dogs and their owners through our group walks. These free events are a great way to bond with your dog and achieve fitness goals together. Check our calendar for dates, times, locations, and distances.

FIT Dog Classes | $125

Our FIT Dog Classes are designed to promote health and fitness for dogs and their owners. We offer FIT Dog levels 1, 2, and 3, each being a 6-week class that helps you and your dog earn official AKC FIT Dog titles. Join us to improve your dog’s physical fitness and overall well-being.


CFVT Canine Frenzy Versatility Training is dedicated to providing top-notch dog training services in Bellaire, OH. Our wide range of classes ensures that every dog and owner can find the perfect training program to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for dog training near you, K9 training, or specialized dog aggression training, CFVT has the expertise and resources to help you succeed. Join us today and discover the joy of a well-trained dog!

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